We Do AR and VR

Ignite is an Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality content creator and developer. We take your projects from concept through completion. Our experience in entertainment design, animation, production, software engineering, and marketing gives us the unique ability to work adeptly with the newest technologies. We can design it, animate it and code it.

Our experience includes work with clients in the areas of Entertainment, Medicine, Retail, Sports, Music, Real Estate, Tourism, and Luxury Travel.

Our software frameworks include Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, 8thWall, A-Frame, Amazon Sumerian, Unity, Vuforia, ARKit, and ARCore. Our mobile platforms include Apple and Android AR, VR, and 360° Video. Our VR headset platforms include the new Oculus Go and Google Cardboard, as well as other Unity supported devices.

Take a look at some of our latest projects and contact us when you’re ready to jump in!